Driver Fatigue- Answers- I have some ideas.

This is the post excerpt.



I drive a long way to work and back, I work night shift, sometimes I drive tired. I don’t want to.

Changing jobs is not an option (I have a great Job). My kids are settled into school and I live in a great neighborhood, I really do not want to move. So I drive.

My drive is 75 km and I work 6pm to 6am. I drink coffee, I pull over, I wind down the window but I still get tired.

So what does a man do to combat this? He searches google for answers- and finds nothing, zilch, nada, nyet!

There’s the usual obvious tips – “Get a good nights sleep” “take a nap” “Have a coffee” but no real life suggestions, tips, tricks or techniques.

  If I can help one person get home safely- this is time well spent. . . . . (sounds cliche, but i genuinely offer that sentiment).

So over the coming weeks I’ll go over some of my techniques and I’ll try a few things, some experiments. Please follow me on Instagram @sleepydriverblogger

Sing Your Favourite Song

Its might sound ridiculous and you might feel stupid but I have found this to be the only reliable method of pushing through that micro sleep period.

First rule is pull over get out of the car if you can do so safely which is easy said but there is not always a safe spot for this so in fairness sometimes you need to push through.

Secondly have your favourite song ready in your MP3 or CD player or whatever format you use. Mine is “Jolene’ by the White Stripes, I can belt that baby out till my throat hurts in my best southern blues twang.  Its not pretty and I am bottom of the barrel singer but I can tell you after one repetition I am awake and back to normal drive mode or at very least in a better safer place to stop and get out of the car.

Trust me, its worth trying. . . . . Jolene

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Kravings – Kurmond

Way out West, where people own 4WDs for purpose (Lots of horse folk) and people who look like they don’t have money do, on the strangely named Bells Line of Road you will find Kravings Coffee Stop . It is a recent addition to the popular Restaurant that graces the site and seems to be garnering the same level of custom if the ever growing line of tradie vans and school commuters are any indication. The food is fresh and appealing catering for lunch packs to takeaway as well as hot off the grill egg and bacon rolls, the coffee is decent too, nice and hot!


The other thing that stood out to me is that they are quick, it’s a coffee stop, wham bam and coffee is in your hand, which is what you want when trying to get the ankle biters to that institution of choice.

I am going a quick hot 5.5/10

Dec 13

Pre Sleep 4/10

Work 9/10

Very busy at work second half of the night, was happy to get out of there. My pre sleep had been none existent. It’s pushing high 30’s in Sydney this week and I struggled again to get a pre sleep in. I even made sure I had no caffeine after 8:30 am. It was lucky I was busy at work as I was struggling to stay awake. The drive home wasn’t as bad as I feared, windows down and very interesting Emperors of Rome podcast. Post coffee I did struggle through Penrith which is not the best place for pulling over, but as I came out the other side I was all good, changing my shoes as I drive for the gym and driving barefoot. I highly recommend it. (Its not ilegal is it ?)

Dec 10th

Sleep- 8/10

Work 7/10

Again not to bad a night work wise, busy in the final hours. The drive home again was good, no micro sleeps, no pulling over. Always a little better when you know your weekend is done and few days off.

Might be working OT tomorrow night and have to help my son move house , so could impact my sleep opportunity.

*  Five years ago today I met my beautiful amazing wife.

Dec 9th


Work 7/10

It was reasonably quiet night at work as most Saturday nights are, kept busy enough so didn’t get bored. My sleep during the day was not the best and woke up early than wanted to, possibly due to the heat.  I have A/C but its not the best down the end of the house. Plus the sunlight comes in (Need to work on that ASAP).

The drive home was good, flagged a little towards the coffee shop but afterwards made it home without needing to pull over.

Dec 8th

Pre -sleep 2/10

Work -6/10 quiet

Was pretty tired before I started the drive and could feel myself flagging. Was listening to a new podcast Emporers of Rome which is pretty good, but probably not for this time slot.

My pre sleep before 1st shift was usually pretty reliable for an hour plus, but it seems to have deserted me of late. Hoping my return to proper eating has a positive impact or might need to quit the post gym coffee at 10:30.

After stopping at Luddeham Cafe for my usual , got an early call from mum on the hands free which kept me engaged for the drive home. So no close calls today.

Dec 5th

Work 8/10

Sleep 8/10

The drive home always seems a little better when you know you don’t have to work next night. I know I felt quite tired at work towards the 4/5 O’clock mark, but in the car it was an easy drive to the Coffee stop and then gym. I am eating more now my 12 week stupid diet has stopped and feel better for the full stomach if truth be told.